◼️ MDT-6 by Andy (Tone Report)

◼️ BYT-1 by Scot (Tone Report)

◼️ ALU-9 by Andy (Reverb Tone Report)

◼️ BEAT by Premier Guitar

◼️ RVO-3 by Pedal of the Day

◼️ PIX-2 by Pedalboard of the Day

◼️ TRS-5 by De Acá

◼️ BYT-1 Bass Synth by Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta)

◼️ MDT-6 Tap-Tempo Delay by Tone Report Magazine

◼️ BEAT Drum Machine on Delicious Audio

◼️ BEAT Drum Machine on Guitar Pedal X

◼️ ALU9 Aliaser on No Treble

◼️ RVO-3 Overdrive Booster by Pedal of the Day

◼️ TRS-5 Tremolo by Premier Guitar

◼️ FUG-2 Chorus by Reverb.com News

◼️ JET-1 Guitar Compressor by Ovni Labs

◼️ GOR-3 Bass Compressor by Ovni Labs