The KAM6 combines a FET saturation stage with a LED clipping stage to give you the most organic and powerful distortion. Besides, thanks to its 20dB of clean boost you can switch between leads and rhythm with just the click of a button. Play with fire!

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  • Wide range of distortion with great sustain
  • Organic tone rich in harmonics
  • Clean independent Booster
  • Master Knobs acts as a 2nd booster of output level
  • Analog circuit with LED/FET clipping
  • Highly sensitive to your touch dynamics
  • True Bypass of both Distortion and Booster sections

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DIST: The amount of distortion. This control is very sensitive and provides a wide range of sounds. Set it carefully to get the desired sustain and saturation. Try setting a lower Dist and push it further with the Gain of the Booster. 
LEVEL: Output level when only the Distortion section is active.
TREBLE: Treble control. Turn to the right for an open and bright tone, and to the left for a darker sound.
MASTER: Output level when both Distortion and Booster sections are engaged. This allows you to raise the output of the effect at the same time that boosting the input, to further overdrive the amp or get the perfect level for lead guitar parts.
GAIN: Gain applied by the Booster. A stronger signal gets into the Distortion circuit, getting more saturation and sustain out of it. 
DISTORTION: Turns on/off the Distortion section. This true bypass switch allows your sound to remain intact when the effect is off.
BOOSTER: Turns on/off the Booster. This true bypass switch allows your sound to remain intact when the effect is off.