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New stuff / Lo nuevo
03/10/2008 MOScato Fuzz A cool distortion/fuzz effect using CD4007 CMOS IC and 2N7000 Mosfets
Old stuff / Lo viejo
09/09/2008 Diode-connected MOSFET distortion Several clipping stages involving MOSFET are tested
13/07/2007 Frequency response in home system speakers The use of a fabric cloth to cover your hi-fi speaker results in comb filtering
12/06/2007 Yuri Overdrive An overdrive effect I designed using FETs and russian GE transistors (with samples)
07/05/2007 Nyquist Aliaser, CMOS version Complete circuit with PCB layout and sound samples for this cool effect
19/08/2006 Phase stage distortion Tests on several phase stage circuits using MOSFETs, with THD measurements
09/05/2006 Small Stone analysis Spectral and LFO analysis of the Small Stone phaser
04/03/2006 Double control v2 Single control for two stages. Gain and tone control on the same pot
01/03/2006 16-step LFO demo Synth track using a phaser with the 16-step LFO (see below) .WMA 1Mb
En español Demo del oscilador secuencial de 16 pasos Grabación sobre un sinte del phaser que utiliza el oscilador de 16 pasos (ver abajo) .WMA 1Mb
21/10/2005 NPN Fuzz Face variation Using Sziklai compounds made of NPN silicon and PNP germanium transistors (schematic, samples and PCB)
25/09/2005 CD4016 variable resistor An experiment to see if this is posible (reformatted old article)
25/09/2005 CD4016 vs. CD4066 Hard and soft switching with CMOS (reformatted old article)
25/09/2005 16-Step Triangle LFO Triangle or ramp staircase waveform, and various other patterns
25/09/2005 Simple Mosfet Tremolo Cleaned schematic (includes mp3 samples)
En español Tremolo con Mosfet Esquema de la versión 3.0 (con sonidos en mp3)
19/08/2005 Tone control v2.1 Goes from flat to mid-boost to mid-scoop. Corrected schematic!
En español Control de Tono v2.1 Corte o refuerzo de medios y eq plana con un solo potenciometro

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